If you are interested in adopting from GPS, please call or E-mail for an interview and appointment. We do not have drop-in hours. When you come to the kennel for your appointment, we bring one dog out at a time and let you take it for a walk and "hang out" with it for as long as you like. We try and give you a selection of dogs that will fit into your lifestyle. We want you to have choices, and usually have between 10 and 15 dogs available. HOWEVER, we encourage you to pick a dog on temperament, not color, age or sex.

We do have a contract that you will need to sign. Some of the items on our contract include a strict "on leash" policy. If your yard is not fenced in, are you willing to take your dog out 3-4 times a day, rain, snow, sleet or shine? We also insist your dog use a crate for that transition time from kennel dog to house dog. These are kennel dogs that have never been in a house before, have never been alone, smelled food cooking, seen a TV or gone up a flight of stairs. They need the safety of a crate until they learn the "ropes" and until it is clear to them that the bathroom area is outdoors. You may rent or purchase a crate from GPS.

If you have a cat, you must agree to use a muzzle for the introduction of dog to cat. You should continue to use the muzzle until you are convinced your dog has become truly cat safe. Although we do "cat test" our dogs to find out who is workable, you should never rush the dog out of the muzzle. We will go over "cat business" step by step with you.

GPS has a return policy that states if you are unhappy with your selection of a dog, we will exchange the dog for you, but we will not do a monetary refund. We are looking for someone who is truly committed to greyhound adoption. If at any time, you can no longer care for or want your greyhound, you MUST return it to GPS. You may not give it away to any person, adoption group or shelter.

We also want you to know that although greyhounds are generally fine with children, young children need to be supervised around dogs. They should not be allowed to disturb the dog while they are sleeping, eating, or chewing a bone. Greyhounds are indeed quiet, mellow dogs. They are more versatile then given credit for, and make fine walking, hiking, running companions. They do like to participate in "doggy sports" of all kinds. They are not just "couch potatoes".

Our fee is $400 for a dog that is spayed/neutered, inoculated, treated with Frontline, teeth cleaned, checked for heart worm, bathed and wormed.

For more information call (603) 842-4349 or E-mail: michele@k9kaos.com