We Board Greyhounds!

We have what your Greyhound wants. More Greyhounds! GPS boards Greyhounds as a service to Greyhound owners and to help support the adoption kennel. We heard so many stories of Greyhounds being miserable in professional kennels, we started to board them in our Greyhound only kennel. Yes, it is the adoption kennel. Yes, they will be housed in the large pro crates with dogs waiting for adoption. They may have their own beds, blankets and toys. House mates may be crated side by side. They will be turned out, with hands on care, with other greyhounds in our large turn out yard. We group dogs according to temperament and pack comfort. Behavioral issues are not a problem. Medical needs are not an issue. Greyhounds R' Us !! We do meds, special diets. We dote on old dogs. We understand old dogs can be fussy, and will cook for them if necessary. The GPS kennel manager is the gourmet cook of the canine geriactic set! We will provide an extra dog bed and if needed, we will give your dog an extra turn out.You may also make arrangements for individual walks, or obedience training.

Pricing - First Dog:
$15/day the first dog when you bring your dog's food.
$17/day the first dog if we feed your dog

Each Additional Dog:
$10/day with your own food
$12/day if we feed your dog
$25/day for board and individual exercise
$30/per day for board and obedience training

Please bring your dog's food in a firm container with a label stating the name of the dog and the amount of food per meal. NO bags of food. Thank you.

For more information or to make a reservation, call 603-842-4349 or e-mail michele@k9kaos.com